Maths: Singapore Learning Enthralls Year 2


Our new approach to the teaching of Maths proved extremely successful in its first term!

The benefits of Singapore Maths could be seen conclusively this week as the children set about solving worded problems relating to multiplication and division. Given the opportunity to see Maths in such a real way has enabled the children to take ownership of their learning and their understanding.

They have shown great independence and confidence by pulling out the correct resources for a task and adeptly deciding how to use the resources appropriately.


Singapore Maths lessons are split into distinct parts that always begin with a concrete approach based around physical objects. As has been seen in our classrooms, by starting with the concrete representation of the question the children’s confidence blooms as they are able to physically manipulate the numbers in front of them in a far more tangible form.

Once they are comfortable with the concrete representation, it is a joy to watch the children beginning to leave the concrete resources behind at their own pace, as they visualise the problems on paper in drawing and then ultimately in their heads.


We just can’t wait to continue in this way and to use our addition and subtraction knowledge from the Autumn Term in our next Maths adventures as we move on to measuring!



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