The Lost Penguins of Holywell


Year 1 returned after the Christmas break to an Antarctic themed classroom and a very lost Penguin!

After a very close contest of lots of ‘penguin’ themed names including, Elsa, Charlie and Percy! the Year 1 class voted for him to be named Pingu!

The children wrote some lovely welcoming messages to him displaying some excellent cursive handwriting. They made sure that he felt settled in his new surroundings, including a few squeezy hugs and made him a home in their classroom.


Next week they will be enjoying their themed Penguin Day! Following which they will be exploring the different landscapes in these geographical locations and becoming explorers! Hot on the heals of the historical explorations of Scott and Shakleton.

We are really looking forward to the wealth of opportunities such a creative topic provides! Please come and meet Pingu and his other friends in Holywell, Duncan, Snowball and Frank!