Bede's Hosts Year 6 Gifted and Talented Students


We were excited to host a Gifted and Talented Day for students in Year 6 this term and were joined by children from several local primary schools for a day of challenging and enthralling activities across a range of subjects.

Having been put into three, mixed groups, the children embarked on tackling a variety of fascinating activities.

In Science, Mr Scott demonstrated a variety of concepts themed around the chemistry of fireworks. The children saw theatrical flash powder involving burning Magnesium in air and fizzing, explosive alkali metals such as Lithium, Sodium and Potassium. Airborne bubbles of Methane were also ignited to huge amusement. A rocket powered ‘Whoosh’ bottle was shown to help the children design, make and race their own balloon rockets. The lesson finished with a very impressive (and smoky) ‘Screaming Jelly Baby’ demonstration to show the awesome energy contained in a single sugary sweet!


Mr Fasciolo-Barnes set some incredibly interesting and demanding Mathematics challenges that needed real thought and perseverance! He was really happy with the answers that were calculated collectively in small teams.  

The Modern Foreign Languages team put the students through their paces, teaching expressions in German and Latin. Madame Galletly and Mrs Runger-Field were both amazed at with how quickly the children picked up the language taught!


An introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth was given by Mrs Brundle. This was quickly followed by a performance of a scene involving the three witches. The children learnt how to create an atmosphere by making their own eerie, sound effects, dressed up in costumes and used torches dramatically in the darkness.

This day was incredibly engaging and enjoyable for all involved and clearly a resounding success. Well done to all those who took part.