MFL: Languages Week Celebrates Multiculturalism


Bede’s Prep School’s annual Languages Week saw the whole school energised and working together to solve a series of fun, informative challenges and engaged in activities which celebrated the global outlook of Bede’s teachers and student body.

Each day saw new activities running at break times, including an ingenious Word Hunt which saw words in different languages stuck around the school and mystery photos identifying their locations. The pupils had to find each word of a sentence and translate it to win the prize, with the whole endeavour proving very exciting!


Other break time activities included colouring in giant posters of famous cities including Paris and Barcelona and a competition to decorate Eiffel Tower silhouettes as creatively as possible. This challenge saw the children using a range of materials to complete their designs, with the outcomes proving to be really rather beautiful.

A further activity for pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 echoed the work of the Belgian artist Ben Heine whereby a piece of paper is held against a photograph and the artist's own interpretation of the missing element is recorded.


This process produced some excellent images of an alternative Eiffel Tower from our French classes and some highly imaginative additions to paintings by the artist Joan Miró from our Spanish classes, and both sets of images inspired some stunning creating writing sessions in the two languages.

During Wednesday afternoon’s Co-Curricular sessions we hosted a special boules competition and another for palets, a cousin of boules, with both contests proving highly competitive and absorbing.


In Year 1, 2 and 3 Languages lessons, the children learned and rehearsed a dance for a fun French song about a potato who can dance, with all three year groups giving a joint performance later in the week during which lots of wiggling was involved.

Finally, the week climaxed with our Languages Assembly and World Costume Parade.

In the build-up to this colourful showcase, an additional endeavour driven by the pupils had seen a number of Spanish, Chinese and Russian boarders devising quizzes about their particular cultures and languages which they presented to different Tutor Groups each morning throughout the week.


Children across all of the School’s year groups had entered their Quiz Slips at the end of each day and the Modern Foreign Languages department awarded prizes to those who achieved top scores – and revealed the answers to all of the quizzes – at the special Languages Week Assembly.

With Friday afternoon seeing the whole school dressed in bright, inventive outfits and brandishing props to symbolise some familiar (and some less familiar) cultures, there was a lot of excitement and a real buzz around the School.


As each year group paraded for the judges, with prizes duly awarded to those who had gone above and beyond, it was impossible to ignore the sense of school spirit and camaraderie.

With the whole school having worked together to celebrate diversity, multiculturalism and our globalised world, the Modern Foreign Languages department and I would like to thank everyone for throwing their energies behind our various endeavours.

Roll on next year! 


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