MFL: Years 2-6 Enjoy 'Aventures de Lapin'


Théâtre Sans Frontières presents work by world authors in the original language and tours to a variety of venues, including schools.

The company’s goal is the same as ours within the Modern Foreign Languages department at Bede’s Prep School: to enable ‘differences between cultures and languages … to become opportunities …’


The performance of ‘Les Aventures de Lapin’ offered pupils from Years 2 to 6 (ages 6 to 10) the opportunity to become completely immersed in a hilarious tale of dreams and ambitions, set on a tropical island prone to unstable weather conditions, and involving a group of engaging animal characters, and one very flamboyant local.


The ‘pop-up’ set which appeared in our Sports Hall transported us to the Caribbean in seconds once the action was underway. The fact that the entire performance took place in French presented no barrier to enjoyment or understanding, thanks to the superb standard of the acting performances and the very clever use of simple, frequently ‘recycled’ vocabulary.


The dialogue was interspersed with a selection of catchy songs with unforgettable lyrics (‘Moi, j’adore les bananes …’ for example), which we had all been madly practicing for the week leading up to the performance and which the children enthusiastically joined in with when the occasion arose.


The company claims that their style is ‘physical, bold, unusual, witty - and always with a twist’ and I have no doubt that the children at Bede’s who were lucky enough to see ‘Les Aventures de Lapin’ would entirely agree. 

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