Event Review: Year 3 and 4's 'Hoodwinked' Hits The Spot


Bede’s Prep School’s Year 3 and 4 pupils delighted audiences with their outstanding performance of ‘Hoodwinked’ in early March, with their swashbuckling adaptation of the traditional Robin Hood story seeing parents, staff and students booing and hissing with gusto.

Because of the plethora of talent at Bede’s, bolstered by the children’s enthusiasm, there were two casts for the final production and both performances were truly outstanding. The energy and commitment of all the performers was plain to see, as was the high level of acting, singing, dancing and acrobatics.


With Robin Hood back in town, played confidently by Olivia Driver and Harry Burgum, feuding with a dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham, embodied with style by Reuben Mace and Toby Burdekin, the performances had a real sense of energy and humour that brought wide smiles to the faces of all in attendance.


A particular high point was Eva Sellens and Amelia Williams’ Maid Marians with her ladies, played by Nia Hooton, Lydia Maloney, Lily Reynolds-Shuy, Devanie Travers and Margot Cabaret, delivering both show-stopping group numbers such as ‘We Are Maid Marian’s Ladies’ and beautiful ballads yearning for Robin.

With familiar faces such as Friar Tuck and Richard the Lionheart front and centre, special mentions must go to Reuben Sellens for being a super ‘Town Crier’ bolstered by announcers including Finley Cattermole and Dougie Lambeth who gave the grand finale a real sense of the ‘X Factor.’


The play created laughter and happiness, with some extremely catchy and toe-tapping music from a live band led brilliantly by Mrs Pendry with Mrs Noton on flute and Mr Court on drums.

We are all immensely proud of the children for their efforts and success, and it has been really exciting to see the children’s enthusiasm, joy and growth in confidence whilst working on the play.


Well done to every last one of them!


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