History: Pre-Prep Classes Study The Stone Age


Bede’s Prep School’s Pre-Prep children recently journeyed back to the Stone Age, looking at stoneware and exploring the kinds of tools and utensils that would have been used hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Fortunately for the children, a parent of one of our Reception pupils, Annemieke Milks, is a real life archaeologist and she very kindly came to talk to the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 about her experiences as an ancient ‘rubbish finder.’


The children were fascinated to learn about the differences between archaeologists and palaeontologists, although they were slightly disappointed to discover that archaeologists did not, in fact, dig up dinosaur bones!

Even more exciting was the opportunity to go through our Annemieke’s own ‘private museum’ and, just like detectives, hypothesize and theorise as to what each object was used for and why.


Ms Milks spoke about what a ‘dig’ looks like and how careful you have to be as to not damage the items buried underground. She also said that she is continuing to dig for her main piece of treasure - a fully intact human skull!

We were very grateful to Ms Milks for her time and thankful to her and our other guest speakers during this half of term; learning about all the possibilities for jobs in the future has really inspired the children and opened their eyes to whole worlds of possibility!


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