Sports Results: Spring Term Week 10


Girls’ Cricket @ Lady Taverner’s Indoor Tournament

Indoor Cricket

The U13s did fantastically well and finished the tournament as runners up for the Sussex Round of the competition.


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Boys’ Hockey versus Dulwich College Prep School


1sts won 4-0

2nds won 8-0


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Swimming versus St Andrews Prep School

Bede's U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s narrowly lost the gala, but first place victories were earned by:

Finley Allan (Backstroke)

Ollie Loach (Breaststroke)

Archie Nelson (Butterfly)

Fernan Pomet Chamorro (Butterfly)

U8 Boys (Backstroke, Front Crawl and Freestyle Relay)

U10 Girls (Backstroke)

U10 Boys (Freestyle Relay)


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