Computing: Year 6 Model Homes Of The Future


Year 6 have been learning about Computer Aided Design, with pupils using the ‘SketchUp’ software program to design futuristic buildings.

The children were encouraged to ‘build’ their homes using the considerations as professional architects, not only learning how to construct and modify three dimensional shapes but also how to navigate in a 3D virtual environment on a 2D screen – something the ‘Minecraft generation’ seem to be adept at!


These lessons culminated in a 1-hour ‘CAD Challenge’ during which the children had to quickly design imaginative, structurally-sound homes under intense time pressure.


We were then delighted to have a senior member of Argent LLP Property Developers in London assess some of the pupils’ final ‘futuristic building’ designs for architectural feasibility and give valuable feedback.


Their representative said, “I was really impressed with all the entries, so well done everyone – designing a new home in one hour with a new software tool is no mean feat!”


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