Charity Fundraising: ‘Mufti for Mlambe’ Raises £400


Friday 13th is a date which might be viewed as unlucky for some, but at Bede’s Prep School we seized the occasion to hold our fourth annual Charity Mufti Day and hopefully made it a lucky one for the children of Mlambe district in Malawi.

We started our ‘Mufti for Mlambe’ initiative back in 2012 when Bede’s Prep School was approached by a group of local young men who knew the school well and who were all studying at Manchester University.


The students had spent their last year at University heavily involved with charity work and had decided to defer their careers for a year to build a school in Malawi, one of the most impoverished countries in the world.

Back then, after a presentation to the school by one of the co-founders of the project, the pupils and staff were keen to get involved. Four years on, the charity has gone from strength to strength and we continue to hold annual fundraising events to maintain our support.


Fast-forward to 2016 and, earlier this month, we were treated to a presentation via Skype which showed what has been achieved over the past four years.

The children at Bede’s Prep were fascinated by the video footage of the Mlambe Project team building classrooms using a technique called ‘earthbag building’ and were introduced to some of the students in Mlambe who have been sponsored through online university courses.


We also enjoyed a virtual tour of the solar-powered IT suite which our funds have helped to build and chuckled at the volunteers creating the football pitch using a huge roller attached to a Land Rover!

I think we all felt quite proud that a lot of this work would not have been possible without our support and, after last Friday’s endeavours, our hope is that our small contribution to the scheme can help the Mlambe Project to continue and expand.


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