Latin and Greek: Year 6 Enjoy Classics Exploration Day


Are you familiar with the different types of gladiators who fought in Rome?

Could you decipher clues written in the Greek alphabet to find your way to the hiding place of a Persian spy? How good are you at running in a race in full ‘armour’?


These were all challenges faced by Year 6 Prep School children who took part in a Classics Exploration day on Tuesday 21 June at Eastbourne College.

In true Roman style, the children competed in three different groups with other Prep Schools in these challenges and many won prizes.


Winners included Sami Macrae, Charlotte O’Connell and Milly Gibson in the Spy Game, Elvis Abraham, Mani Adeyemi, Tom Lloyd and Lizzie Morgan in the Gladiatorial Strategy Game and Katie Fenton and Harry Mayhead in the Ancient Olympics.

The afternoon was rounded off with a Greek feast where the pupils were awarded t-shirts to commemorate their success.


A great time was had by all and at the end of the afternoon the children returned to the school enthused by the wonders of the ancient world.


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