History: Year 8 Visit The Mary Rose


To bring their studies to life, Year 8 travelled to Portsmouth to see the reconstruction of The Mary Rose in all her glory. With 19000 artefects on show, the ship conveys a powerful picture of life on board.  


History involves a lot of detective work. Teaching children how to analyse a source of evidence is not easy, especially when the evidence is 2D, a letter for instance.


So the opportunity to experience evidence in 3D was one not to be missed. On what was the hottest September day, on record, Year 8 travelled to Portsmouth dockyard, where they were given a guided tour of the Mary Rose and its many artefacts. They learned how important, historically, the ship was and how much we have been able to understand about Tudor life from it.


Taking part in a workshop that enabled them to touch some of these Tudor artefacts, really helped them to understand what a source of evidence can actually tell us.


It proved to be an invaluable experience and as we left, we could almost hear the waves crashing, the yapping of the ship's whippet-terrier, and the shouts of the crew as they fought valiantly against the French.


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