English: Year 5 Take 'Demon Headmaster' From Page To Stage


Year 5 enjoyed a scheme of work on script conventions in English lessons last term, during which they explored the theatrical adaptation of The Demon Headmaster.

In reading the adaptation of Gillian Cross’ novel, the children focussed on many aspects of script writing, including settings, characters, plot and dialogue.


They learned that a script, unlike a piece of prose, is written to be performed, and that there are vital elements needed to make it a successful one - especially when it will be read aloud!


Having read and discussed the play, the children set about writing their own scenes, providing a believable setting. Then, in their Drama lessons, the children discussed and read through their ideas in small groups and devised a short scene that would fit within the original play.


This process has shown the class the importance of the ‘page to stage’ process. They have experienced the differing aspects of researching a story, reading from a script, the importance of characterisation, team building and, finally, devising a scene.


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