Physical Education: Sport + Maths = Fun!


Children at Bede’s Prep School are lucky to have a school which has so much outdoor space - and space that is useable all year round, thanks to our new astroturf!

With the new facility completed, we couldn’t resist taking a recent Maths lesson outside and doubling it up as PE lesson too!


Year 4 were challenged to developing their knowledge as mathematicians whilst also improving their knowledge of the components of fitness, all of which led to a great experience for the children.

They practised their recording skills and addition and multiplication as they measured how far they could run in a set time.


The children also studied how different methods of training could help to improve specific aspects of fitness, which enabled them to experience, evaluate and analyse their differing results like young sports scientists.

It was a great day’s learning, delivered in a fun way, and not a spot of mud anywhere!


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