English: Book Week 2016


Bede’s Prep School travelled through books past, present and future for this year’s Book Week, all with the theme of Journeys and Voyages.

The week celebrated every genre – adventure, comedy, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, history and plenty of children’s fiction.

Bede’s Prep’s pupils threw themselves into the busy programme of events which included visiting authors, a Treasure Hunt, daily competitions and character costume day.


On Wednesday the talented author and illustrator Liz Million spoke to Year 3 and 4. She demonstrated her warm and witty artwork and gave the children tips on how to improve their own drawings.

On Thursday the author Helen Dennis spoke to Year 5 and 6. She spoke to the children about her ‘Secret Breakers’ series and showed them how to crack codes and ciphers.


Helen also introduced her current series the ‘River of Ink’ quartet before our costume parade which saw the school visited by book characters who had been on their own journeys – Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Tintin, Carrie from ‘Carrie’s War’, Paddington Bear, Alice from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and many other weird and wonderful creatures such as witches, explorers, and aliens.

On Friday the author and explorer Matt Dickinson spoke to Year 7 and 8. He told them about his expedition to Everest and the books that were inspired by his travels before he led the children in various writing exercises.


The Book Week competitions, cunningly created by our Head of English and Drama, Gail Brundle, had everyone flummoxed. For three days, the children took part in the Treasure Hunt and scoured the school for a Passport, a Luggage Label and Train Ticket with daily clues given to lead them to the prizes.

The other competitions included writing about ‘An Unexpected Journey’, colouring in, and a word search puzzle.


All prizes were awarded at the Book Week Assembly and, as ever, the children never failed to amaze us with their enthusiasm and imagination, and what was most apparent was that even our most reluctant of readers can be inspired to pick up a book - all you need to do is find that spark that ignites the flame.

Long may we keep those literary fires burning!


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