Music: Pre-Prep Pupils Showcase Their Talents In Autumn Concert


A wonderful Autumn Concert performed by the Pre-Prep children launched our musical year at Bede's Prep School. All the children in Holywell took part in a varied programme of songs, instrumental solos and ensembles pieces, which showed off the musical talent which is already developing with such promise.


Singing, which is the foundation of our music education here at Bede’s, formed the bookends of the concert.  The children entertained the audience with a delightful range of songs including one about a very unusual pet shop, a lovely song for getting to know your ‘Neighbours’ and a wonderful song performed by Year 1 about the ‘Prehistoric Animal Brigade’ in which they also played their percussion instruments. 


The Reception children sang ‘I’ve Got a Body’, which enabled them to use hands, feet and noses in time to the music.  These rhythmic skills are essential for developing a sense of musical pulse and performance and these very youngest of our children were so confident in remembering their words.


Many of our young Pre-Prep pianists played solos in the concert: Amelia Upton, Clara Wigglesworth, Zaid Abdullah, Arthur Moore, Matikuzda Janda, Rosie Gibbs and Serena Patel. 


Seeing the progress which such young pianists are making in the development of their performance technique and reading skills is really exciting and this is where the foundations for those wonderful performances at the Senior School are laid. 


Iman Hodzic played a solo on her guitar with great confidence and, along with Arthur Moore, received her White Ribbon Award for musical progress.


Mrs Barrett has taken over the recorder teaching in the Pre-Prep this year and all of Year 2 were able to perform two toe-tapping numbers, ‘Glory B’ and ‘BB Blues’, showing their grasp of the initial techniques in just four weeks.


The concert concluded with two harvest-themed songs:  Year 2 shared with us their love of vegetables – and their dislike of sprouts – in the catchy ‘I Like Vegetables’ and the afternoon closed with all the Holywell children singing their harvest song ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’.

The musical seeds which have been planted since the start of term are clearly already bearing fruit and I am delighted with the enjoyment and confidence shown by all our performers in this afternoon’s concert. 


Well done to everyone who took part.  I am already looking forward to the next concert from these young performers later in the school year.


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