Event Review: Years 5 and 6 Delight With 'Cinderella Rockerfella'


The lead-up to Christmas saw the Year 5 and 6 children at Bede's Prep brought together to perform a modern twist on a traditional story.

‘Cinderella Rockerfella’ is a modern, panto-style reworking of the classic tale with all the traditional characters: downtrodden Cinderella, Rockerfella (formerly known as Prince Charming), Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother, together with a selection of additional characters, from music managers and paparazzi to good and bad fairies - all placed in a world of fame and celebrity.


It was with great excitement therefore that the Year 6 children chose or auditioned for their favourite parts, with every child in the year group having speaking role.

The Year 5 children meanwhile took on roles of villagers, bakers and partygoers, supporting their Year 6 counterparts in this collaborative production.

The cast worked extremely hard in putting the final touches on the play and they certainly didn’t disappoint.


Not only were there many standout performances from individuals, but there was a great sense of camaraderie on stage amongst them all.

The children spoke, sang and moved with energy and enthusiasm, providing excitement and entertainment to begin the festive season.

With a script full of pantomime humour (‘Oh yes it was!’) and the jokes entertained the audience and were appropriately groan-worthy!


As always, there was a tight rehearsal framework, and I would like to thank all of the children for being so committed and reliable. A big thank you goes to all of the staff who supported the production in so many different ways, from the music to the lighting, costumes to props, sound and digital effects.

A special thank you must also go to those children who stepped into parts, as last minute understudies – without a doubt, they were true professionals.


In the words of the final song, the pantomime was ‘full of adventure to be lived and breathed, and we’re sure that anything’s possible when you believe!’


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