Origami Club: Pupil Membership In-Creases


After last years’ UK Mathematics Trust National Final challenge, which saw Bede’s pupils investigating Haga’s Theorem of folding, Mr Fasciolo-Barnes fell in love with origami – and it looks like some of his students have also!

Origami is a Japanese term from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper.” The art of folding paper has existed in Japan for over a thousand years, but the club is brand new at Bede’s Prep so the children have some catching up to do!


Activity times have seen members of the club investigating different types of folds, bases and general shapes.

They started the term by making simple items such as designing a new shirt and tie for the school, or creating a tiger using two rectangles.


After tackling these easier styles, the children were up for a challenge and decided to take on more difficult folds and arrangements.

This led to children working hard on the soft skills such as listening and following more than one instruction at a time, and soon they had moved onto making a Pikachu, butterflies and more!


Over the term so far the children have gained confidence in origami and in themselves, and we are all excited to see the results of their next project: Origami animals!


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