History: Year 5 Visit HMS Victory

Year 5

Year 5 pupils from Bede’s Prep School spent the day at HMS Victory at Portsmouth Dockyard recently as part of their studies into the battle of Trafalgar and life on board this iconic vessel.

The children were able to experience a workshop on board the ship during which they visited an area not open to the general public.


They tried on outfits that would have been worn by the sailors of the time, learned how to tie knots, fire a gun (as canons were known at the time) and work out what the 1800’s equivalent were to the mobile phone and washing machine!

This workship was followed by a personalised tour of the ship itself where the children learned first-hand what happened on that October day in 1805 as well as how the ship was run on a day-to-day basis.


Time in the excellent dockyard museums enabled them to see a film on the battle itself and the terrible damage inflicted by canon balls into wooden ships.

All in all we had a really informative and fun day out which brought this period of history to life.


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