MFL and Art: Year 7 Collaborate With Ben Heine


On Tuesday 7 February, Bede's Prep’s top set Year 7 French classes joined Head of MFL Ms Galletly, Head of Art and Design Ms Armitage and Ms Allirot for a special cross-curricular afternoon of collaboration with celebrated multi-disciplinary visual artist Ben Heine over Skype.

“I have long known Ben as a friend,” Ms Allirot explained, “and have followed the development of his career as an artist.


"His ‘Pencil v Camera’ concept has made him world famous, and by encouraging the children to interview him and attempt to create pastiche works of their own in his style, based on Parisian monuments, I hoped to inspire the children to write authentic French responses with meaningful depth.”

With the children asking Ben questions in French, showing him their work and receiving feedback both in English and French, the children had to be nimble and imaginative in their language use.


Ms Galletly said of the session, “The standard of the children's work - both artistic and linguistic - has been very high since, and in some cases it has been exceptional for children of their age.

“The very process of meeting Ben made routine and often-practised material, like asking someone their name and age in French, instantly more relevant, exciting and meaningful, and I expect that experience will be remembered by the children long into the future.”


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