MFL: French Classes Enjoy 'Shipwrecked En France'


Children from Year 2 to Year 6 were entertained brilliantly at the Prep School recently by the 2-person cast and crew of Onatti Production’s slapstick 'Franglais' play Shipwrecked en France.

The 50-minute production kept its audience entertained from start to finish, with John Chandler and Magali Swift transformed into a range of hilarious and utterly believable characters in a story about a young English boy whose dinghy goes adrift while on holiday in France.


Getting back to his parents – who he knows will be extremely anxious – proves a bit of a mission, not least because he keeps bumping into Emilie, a well-meaning French girl who is a little too direct for his liking.

Oddly, Emilie keeps disappearing from the stage while a range of other characters take her place – a surf instructor, a very bossy policewoman and someone rather suspect who seems to have designs on our young man – all of whom need audience participation of some sort, which pupils were only too happy to provide!


Eventually, Emilie helped Callum back to the hotel, where his parents hadn’t noticed he was missing!


The dialogue was partly in French with a good smattering of key French vocabulary, and Callum broadened his vocabulary along with the audience – a nice touch that helped the children to feel at ease in offering their French to him.


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