Latin and Greek: Years 4 and 6 Revel In Athenian Role-Play


On a cold blustery afternoon in February pupils in Years 4 and 6 were transported to the warmth and sunshine of Ancient Greece, courtesy of a visit by the Rainbow Theatre Company.

All the children took part in a workshop, which gave a sense of the bustle and excitement of being a child living in 5th Century Athens.

They also helped to act out three of the most famous Greek myths; Oedipus and the Sphynx, Odysseus and the Cyclops and Theseus and the Minotaur. 


Angelica Janes, Isla Salamon, Alysha Duignan and Ella Venables took their roles very seriously whilst acting out scenes from life at home including making bread, dying cloth, spinning, weaving and playing with toys.

They also welcomed friends into their family home, although I am not sure washing each other's feet is a custom they are keen to resurrect!


For both boys and girls, the open air school with its emphasis on Maths, literature and the art of public speaking proved very popular - as did practising their running, jumping, javelin throwing, and even wrestling at the Gymnasium.

Trying to outdo each other whilst acting out the role of stall holders in the market place became just as competitive; Joshua Slater did particularly well selling fish!


Oliver Sheppard summoned the children to cast their votes in the market place. It reminded me of the lively debates on world events that we witness in the classroom today and Donnie Cecil was very eloquent imitating one of the actors and giving a speech.

I did wonder also if some of the children would be using the skills they showed in selling and buying slaves to good effect on E-Bay in the future…


When it came to acting out the myths they were just as enthusiastic. Whether commiserating with King Augeus as he had to choose some young people to be fed to the Minotaur, working out the riddle of the Sphynx or taking on the role of the Cyclops the children were fully engaged in all they did.

The workshop finished with everyone taking part in a Greek Dance, with the session followed up by some excellent written work undertaken in the classroom.


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