Geography: Year 7 Study Erosion at Birling Gap


In the Summer Term, Year 7 children at Bede’s Prep School study ‘Coasts’ in their Geography lessons.

With Bede’s Prep ideally situated above the cliffs of Holywell, a visit to Birling Gap on Thursday 20 April provided a thought-provoking talk from the area National Trust Community and Learning Ranger, Natasha Sharma.


The children then engaged in a fact-finding mission in the Visitor Centre and explored the beach searching for evidence of cliff retreat.


Head of Geography at Bede’s Prep, Mr Brewer said, “The children discovered how many coastal cottages have been demolished over time, and just why this stretch of coastline is equally famous for its erosion rate and its natural beauty.


“Simple measurements were carried out on the beach to give an idea of just how far the cliffs used to extend out to sea. Finds of wave-eroded chunks of former garden walls and paths increased the appreciation that some major changes had taken place to the landscape.”


The children returned to school with heads full of some intriguing new terminology such as coccoliths, Cretaceous, Pleistocene and even isostatic uplift, and are now looking forward to learning more about the factors contributing to erosion on the South Coast and beyond.


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