Art Club: Painting, Pottery and Personal Projects


During the Co-Curricular Activities Programme at Bede’s Prep, the children have dozens of different clubs, sports, games and hobbies to choose from, and amongst the many options available to them I am always overjoyed when pupils choose to join Art Club or Ceramics Club.

Both of these activities run every week, and they both offer pupils across the school the opportunity to develop their skills beyond what might otherwise be possible during lesson time.

The children who join Art Club, for example, can work on personal projects, focus on their portfolio, or learn new skills such as graphic design or photography, including how to use Adobe PhotoShop.


Year 8 pupil Alice has been hard at work on her fine art drawing and watercolour skills.

Others extend their skills in illustration, fine art and painting, or experiment with different materials in a relaxed atmosphere, escaping from the daily demands of school life.

At Ceramics Club meanwhile, the children get their hands dirty and take advantage of the Art department’s many amenities to focus on three-dimensional work, normally using clay as their base material.


Mandy from Year 6 recently painted the above, inspired by the Music department.

They are encouraged to experiment with different constructions and learn new skills, such as slabbing, coiling, printing, painting, carving and moulds to construct functional forms, and with no final assessments or time pressures to worry about they are free to follow their imaginations wherever they might lead!

The old slip cast mould of a mug is very popular, but all sorts of sculptural forms are thoroughly encouraged, with the bravest children working with me outside to smoke fire their work!


Year 6 boarder Blanca recently made this slip-cast mug. Cheers!

All art requires patience and concentration of course, with the many steps required to make something beautiful offering girls and boys the opportunity to focus on big ideas over the course of many weeks.

Others simply experiment, often getting many little things done that they can come back to later – or not, depending on how they are feeling!


Whether the children choose to join Art Club or Ceramics Club or both, they will always find the Art department a welcoming, calm and creative space where there are no wrong answers.

Better still, because children from across the year groups are welcome, each activity offers lots of opportunities to make friends outside of normal social circles, learn from one another, and revel in the Art department’s peaceful and imaginative atmosphere.


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