Election Fever Hits Bede's As MP Candidates Visit


Election fever hit the Prep School this week when three prospective candidates for the role of Eastbourne MP visited.

Caroline Ansell, Alex Hough and Stephen Lloyd all took time out of their very busy schedules to come and talk to Years 5 and 7 about their party, and how they got into politics.

I have to say that all three of our visitors were extremely informative and passionate about politics and their party. We had some fascinating insights into being an MP; some detailed information regarding views and aims of each party and personal stories of life in politics.


I was extremely proud of the children. They listened well but what blew me away were some of the questions that were asked; here are just a few; If you became Eastbourne MP, what would your priorities be?; I am Spanish – do you think that any future decisions about Brexit will affect my education here in the UK?; If you were not in your party, which party would you want to be in?

As you can see, there were some very thought provoking questions, which our guests answered positively. Overall, the experience of being in an audience for an event like this provided conversations galore among the children and staff.


I am incredibly grateful to Caroline, Stephen and Alex for sharing with us information and for broadening the children’s horizons even more about politics. Thank you to all the staff and to Mr Purkiss for helping set up but huge thanks go to the children for wanting to ask so many questions (to which we did not have time for all of them).

This has certainly created a stir among Years 5 and 7 and I am looking forward to our next PSHE lessons!


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