Event Review: Intersection Music 2017



A super afternoon of music! Well done to all those who performed! All the children did a brilliant job and the enthusiasm and excitement was great to see!


Well done to the Hawk band consisting of Veronica Travers (vocals), Teddy Kuganesan (piano), Lena Jiang-Bennett (guitar), Juan Pomet Chamorro (guitar) and Jem Matthews (drums) who performed a winning rendition of ‘Natural Blues’.

Juan gave a beautiful classical guitar solo of ‘Romance’ and should be congratulated on achieving second place.


The Hawk main song, ‘Hold Back the River’ was enhanced by visual effects of a moving river, which certainly gave our Section the edge! Well done to Hawk for a well-deserved second place!


Sophie Balmer

Hawk Section Leader




What an amazing musical spectacle and such a talented number of pupils!

For Falcon, Joe Muschialli stole the afternoon with so many performances. He was in the Section band, he played a solo and he was the conductor for the whole Section song 'Black and Gold.'

Joe’s enthusiasm was infectious during rehearsals, getting everyone to put their heart and soul into the Section song. I will always remember Joe in his sparkling gold cape!


The Falcon band had us tapping our feet to ‘Rock Around the Clock’ with Joe Muschialli (drums), Katie Fenton and Beth Preston (vocals), Octave Fernandez (guitar), and Elvis Abraham (trumpet).


I was so proud to be at the helm of the ‘Millennium Falcon’, with Emma Corbett. If there had been a prize for enthusiasm, Falcon would have definitely come first! Well done for always giving your best, Falcon!


Annie Fuller

Falcon Section Leader




What a great extravaganza of music – and although there are so many great memories the best one must be Mr Fasciolo-Barnes shaking his maracas!

As always, everyone was on top form! Maddie Goodman with 'If He Needs Me!' from ‘Oliver’, while our Section band played ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille!


Representing the band was Donnie (drums), Luke B (bigger, louder, bangier drums), Maddie (vocals), Archie (Bass) and Toby (on the ivories!)

All did our Section proud, but hats off to the winners, Josh in the solo and Veronica et al, for a great version of a Moby classic.


The group songs were great and who could forget James T's coconut man!

Everyone gave their all with the songs and it was just such a great atmosphere. In particular, I thought our hosts were on top form as the 'B' team and the band added special pizazz!


Simon Gisby

Eagle Section Leader




What a team! Our Section song, ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J, was not easy to perform and Raven sang their hearts out. Who will ever forget our three rappers, ‘Pea’ (Oli Bean) ‘Moon Face’ (Charley Tucknott) and ‘Coconut Head’ (James Thompson) with their re-worded ‘Rowen Rap’?

Sadly, we did not win, but our solo act, Joshua, certainly wowed the audience and the judge with his ‘perfect piano playing.’


Our band members also deserve a mention for their hard work – their performance was brilliant.


Raven never fail to amaze me with their hard work and commitment – well done all of you. To me, you were all winners!


Sam Brown

Raven Section Leader


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