LAMDA: Year 7 and 8 Performers Earn Top Marks


Congratulations to all of the Bede’s Prep children who took the LAMDA acting examinations last term, with all of the 25 pupils earning either Merits or Distinctions.

The children performed monologues, duologues and combined acting pieces, all performing the works they had prepared for An Evening of Drama and Music in January.


That occasion gave our Year 8 children the opportunity to perform to an audience ahead of their Scholarship days, with all of the performers showcasing their talents to parents, teachers and the rest of the Prep School.

The emotional range of the drama and music pieces performed during that evening highlighted the diversity of talent possessed by Bede’s Prep’s pupils, with the Drama pieces ranging from traditional to contemporary and from comedy to tragedy.


Joseph Muschialli performed an emotive piece called Running, followed by Esther Tuson performing a hard-hitting Too Late. Orla Maclaurin portrayed Jane Eyre perfectly and Jem Matthews carried off the humorous Adrian Mole with panache.

Further performances by Beth Preston and Alex Hawkins, both of Jane Eyre, proved sensitive and emotional. Asena Karaca gave a stern performance as the angry Queen in I, Coriander and James Thompson enchanted us with the tale of the slave from Beowulf.


Maddie Goodman’s Scream if you want to go faster was yet another heart wrenching piece and Oliver Bean’s performance from Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations proved energetic and uplifting. 

Well done to all the children who took part in the drama pieces, including Katie Fenton, Naya Lambird, Veronica Travers, Ellie Abel, Maddie Smith, Milly Gibson, Elvis Abraham and Tom Hayes. 


Musical solos on the clarinet, piano and voice then followed, with Maddie Goodman and Charlotte Jones perform performing the Dalmatian Cradle Song and She’s like a Swallow.

Maddie also gave a spirited performance of Oom-Pah-Pah on the clarinet and Miles Mao’s flawless Solfeggietto brought this dramatic and musical evening to a close.


The LAMDA children worked extremely hard after the evening, preparing their pieces and developing their characters as well as tackling a range of questions during their exams which tested their understanding of the scenes chosen.

All should be commended for their diligent work ethics, enthusiasm and determination – not to mention courage!

The results were as follows:


Merits for Entry level were awarded to:

Lola Woollard

Eva Sellens

Will Quibell

Archie Nelson

Finlay Cattermole

Erin Murphy

Matilda Jackson-Clutton


Merits for Grade 1 were awarded to:

Amelia Williams

Olivia Driver

Amber Patel

Isla Salamon

Sophie McDonald


Merits for Grade 2 were awarded to:

Maddie Smith

Beth Preston

Orla Maclaurin

Mia Gaymer

Esther Tuson

Katie Fenton

Alex Hawkins

Tom Hayes


Merit for Grade 4 was awarded to:

Mathias Pavlides


Distinctions for Grade 2 were awarded to:

Ellie Abel

William Gillett

Maddie Goodman

Asena Karaca 


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