MFL: Year 7 French Classes Visit Normandy


Year 7 had an amazing time at Château de la Baudonnière, which hosts schools wishing to take part in a French language immersion programme. It is situated in the region of La Manche in Normandy. 16 pupils from Bede’s took part this year and spent a week in France at the beginning of May.

Our journey was not without its highs and lows! The clan gathered at a time in the morning that was unfamiliar to some of them in readiness for the first leg of our journey to Portsmouth. It was lovely to see the sunrise on our journey and it was not long before we were checking in for our ferry crossing.


We arrived at the Château greeted by heavy rain, but it did not dampen our spirits and we got settled into our accommodation and were soon enjoying our first meal.  As daylight fell, so too did our eyelids and it was not long before the group settled down for the night.

A new dawn and a new day, we awoke to glorious sunshine and the aromas of freshly baked croissants and chocolat chaud. After a hearty breakfast the children were introduced to the Château staff before embarking on the first activities of photogramme and circus, followed by lunch and ‘fabrication du pain’.  


On Day 2 after breakfast, we made the short journey to Villedieu and the local market. This was a typical French market which consisted of a variety of food, (including bonbons!) clothing, jewellery and other little knick-knacks. Within minutes of our arrival, the children were completely immersed in the market atmosphere, putting their French vocabulary and haggling skills to the test.

On our return to the château, the children were split into groups where a variety of activities took place from archery to French lessons. Some children even put their Spiderman skills to the test and ascended the climbing wall.


Day 3 saw yet more activities with the children having the opportunity to visit a farm to pet the rabbits and feed the chickens, turkeys and pigs. In the afternoon half the children had a go at fencing, while the others took to the water on canoes.

Children then donned their French costumes for the traditional French evening.  The highlight of the evening was the sampling of escargots; this proved hugely popular with the boys, although the girls were far more cautious about eating snails!


On our final day, the children were presented with a very muddy assault course, always a favourite at the Château and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The fun did not stop as we started the evening with a barbeque and then had to make the final preparations for the ‘spectacle finale’.

The talent show itself was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, watching all the schools put on a variety of performances, from acting, singing and dancing. The eagerly awaited moment had arrived and as the curtains were drawn back, Bede's performed their version of "Father is ill" which was delivered with aplomb and excellent diction.


The children were commended on the brilliant choice of play as well as their acting. Finally, Veronica took to the stage with her rendition of "Nothing" from the show "A Chorus Line". It was truly magical and she had the whole room captivated by her virtuoso performance. 
Many happy memories have been made on this trip that will remain with the children forever.


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