Izabella Steps Into Mr Entwistle's Shoes


Early this year, Bede’s Prep School hosted its biennial Spring Ball at Blackstock Farm, organised by the Friends of Bede’s Prep group, raising funds for the Early Birth Association. 

The evening was a tremendous success with over £13,000 raised for the charity that supports the families of premature babies in special care units across Sussex.

One of the auction items was the opportunity for a pupil to be Head for the day, and after some highly competitive bidding, this item was won by the parents of Izbella.   Izabella, aged 6, who lives in Eastbourne, tells us in her own words how her day, as Headmistress, went ….


‘Mr Entwisle, the Headmaster came to collect me in the morning.  We went to his office and I went for a tour with Mr Purkiss, the Deputy Headmaster.  Before the tour, I gave daddy a quick phone call and he was in the middle of a meeting! 

I then went to check on how lunch was being prepared.  Chef was cooking a roast chicken for lunch, with lots of vegetables.  I saw the big fridge and it was full of jellies.


On the tour, I saw every classroom and we checked every cupboard.  I caught up with my friends at break time and then I went and taught a French lesson to Year 3; it was fun!  We used an iPad to make poems and a film about animals; ‘J’aime les Lapin’.

After teaching French, I went to check on the Nursery with Mr Sherwood, the Head of Maintenance.  I thought the Nursery looked very, very nice.  The toddlers were playing outside and one of them even called me ‘Mummy’.


After visiting the Nursery, I then went to the playground and had a lovely lunch, followed by a lovely playtime.  I was on duty and had to wear a lunch duty high vis vest.  I had to tell some boys to tuck their shirts in.  At the end of playtime, I rang the bell for afternoon registration.


After lunch, my friend Harry and I showed the new Matron around the School, with the help of Lizzie from Year 7. 

After the tour, my friends came for afternoon tea; we all ate so much!  We had sandwiches and biscuits that were made in the kitchen and some delicious orange juice.  The chocolate chip biscuits were my favourite!


Being Headmistress for the day at Bede’s Prep has been very excellent and an important job.  Mr Entwisle thinks I have a very bright future ahead of me.’


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