Meads End: Year 3 Enjoy School Sleepover Fun


What could be better than an evening spent with friends followed by a sleepover? Bede's Prep School's Year 3 had the opportunity to do just that on Friday 19 May. 

The sun shone on Year 3 as they strolled along the promenade towards the Wish Tower.  Well-deserved ice creams were enjoyed by all; confirmed by a sea of ice cream-framed smiles.

Once back at Holywell, the children enjoyed a play on the beach, building artwork with stones and relaxing whilst chatting with friends. 


A delicious pizza supper welcomed the children back into school, which was followed by cricket, football, frisbee and parachute games. 

As the sun set, the children gathered round the flickering campfire and entertained each other with stories, jokes, riddles and songs. The undisputed highlight of the campfire was toasting a mountain of marshmallows! 


The evening drew to a close with a cinema experience on the big screen in the dining hall. Looking around, the tired faces gave the cue for bedtime. The excited children headed to Downs House where they readied themselves for bed.


Once snuggled into their bunks, they were lucky enough to have wonderful bedtime stories read to them by the Meads End boarders who had kindly dropped in to help settle the children.

Once the last few children had fallen asleep, the teachers were able to rest their weary heads on their pillows.


It felt like only moments had passed before an early wake up call, of excited voices and laughter, came for the teachers.  After a flurry of packing, the children enjoyed some early morning cartoons and ball games before they were treated to a delicious full English breakfast. 

Everybody had a fantastic time and expressed their wishes that they would have liked to stay another night!


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