PSHE: Year 3 Visit Eastbourne Town Hall


Year 3 recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Town Hall in order to find out more about the role of the Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Pat Hearn.  

The children started their guided tour on the lower corridors and were able to see a magnificent tapestry with many scenes from Eastbourne depicted, including Bede’s Prep School. 


Next, they were taken into the magnificent Assembly Hall which had been set up for the vote count of the upcoming general election.  Many paintings of past mayors adorned the walls and the children were able to see the original gas lamps and first central heating vents. 

After this Year 3 were taken into a room previously used for mayors to access the balcony in order to give important announcements to the people of Eastbourne.  They admired the ornate domed ceiling and the secret doors which connected the Assembly Hall and the Mayor’s Parlour.


Next was the Council Chamber with its beautiful oak panelled walls and furniture.  Here the children learnt about how council meetings are run and the differences between meetings now and in the past. 

The children relished the fact that the Mayor wears red robes as they would have originally been a judge during criminal trials, which were held in the Court room below. The sound proofed cells in the basement were joined to the former police station next door too.


The last room on the tour was the Mayor’s Parlour which houses a collection of gifts brought by visitors from all over the world.  Here the children were able to see the mayoral robes, golden mace and chains of office, which fascinated them. 

The children behaved impeccably and asked many thoughtful questions throughout the tour, helping to extend their knowledge of Eastbourne Borough Council and the Mayor’s role. 


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