History: Bede's Historians Visit Hampton Court


Year 7 study the Tudors in History and it is always a great opportunity for the children to experience first-hand, what it must have been like for the people we are learning about by visiting their actual homes.

So on what has been the hottest day of the year so far, we travelled to Hampton Court – thankfully in an air-conditioned coach! Hampton Court was meant to be the lavish home of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, however King Henry VIII took a fancy to it!

Hampton Court


Henry set about turning it into a lavish showcase of a palace, so that he could show off to visiting dignitaries. One of our first visits was to the great kitchens, which in Henry’s day turned out over a thousand meals a day. As you can see from the photos some of our year 7 had a chance at being a ‘spit turner’ (not the coolest job to have had in 34oC!

Our guide in the Royal Chapel gave us lots of useful information, as you can see from the picture our Year 7 are checking out if Jane Seymour’s, third wife of King Henry VIII, heart was still buried under the altar.


As we wound our way through to the Great Hall, two of our students had the opportunity to try out the Royal Dais, where Henry and his wife at the time would have resided over court meals.

After a picnic lunch and a cooling ice-cream, we made the long return to School, not without the obligatory visit to the gift shop first!


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