PE: Year 8 Benefit From Healthy Active Lifestyle Workshop


On a gloriously sunny morning, the Senior School PE teachers visited the Prep School to contribute to the Year 8 Leavers’ Programme.

Mrs Newbery, Head of PE at the Senior School, accompanied by Mrs Merchant, Mr Lenham, and Mr Carter, a trainee PE teacher from the University of Brighton, delivered a Healthy Active Lifestyle Workshop.


The workshops taught pupils the benefits of physical activity and exercise and the key components of health related fitness, including the importance of flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Pupils designed initiatives that schools and companies could run to engage different target groups in physical activity, as well as discussing the factors that can affect participation.

Another part of the workshop was to learn how to take their pulse and how hard they need to work to improve their fitness. Considering all of this knowledge was in line with a GCSE PE level of learning, pupils demonstrated excellent subject knowledge, actively engaging with the tasks set.


We hope to have provided the Year 8 pupils with knowledge to support lifelong participation in sport, physical activity and exercise and given them an insight into what academic PE is like at the Senior School. Many thanks to Mr Meier for bringing all this together. 


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