Year 8: The Leavers' Programme Goes Down A Storm


The Year 8 Leavers’ Programme began with the annual outing to Thorpe Park. Armed with sun cream and water, Year 8 sped off to take in their doses of adrenaline. Sky high, deep in tunnels and washed away in rapids the children sought refuge from the heat in style.

When we finally arrived in the forest, we were welcomed by the comforting sight of canvas tepees, a campfire and the smell of dinner cooking on the fire.

Despite the heatwave the next morning smoke filled the air; as having been split into tribes, the children learnt the technique of fire lighting. They then had the challenge of keeping the fires alight, as they had to cook their own lunch on them! Luckily the billowing smoke did not result in planes mistaking our lunch for distress signals.


The children took part in activities including learning first aid and mastering the art of camouflage and disguise.

As temperatures soared to 30oC, the children spent the afternoon building shelters to seek refuge from the sun and as a safe place to sleep for the night. Teamwork was paramount as bashas were lifted in to place and needed to stay up for the next 18 hours.


A few hours later, we had a group of very sweaty and very dusty Year 8s. What is the best way to sort out some hot and sticky children? A water fight of course! You needed to be nimble to stay dry with 58 water bottles being squeezed across the campsite.

Dinner was an interactive occasion for the teachers. Ms Capurro and Mr Skinner got hands on as they learnt how to panas a whole salmon in front of Year 8. The bravery of the children was put to the test, as 6 valiant volunteers took on the challenge of eating a fish eyeball.


Before packing up to sleep in their home-made shelters, the tribes held a ‘Tribes Got Talent’ in the setting sun. Talented students showcased a variety of acts including singing, acting and comedy sketches.

School and camp staff were roasted in sketches and we were serenaded with a beautiful rendition of ‘Scared to Be Lonely’. A fantastic dance routine was performed by one group alongside a fearsome warrior chant. However, the official champions of the talent battle won with their humorous adventure depicting aliens arriving to Earth, including battle sequence and detailed dialogue.


On the last day disaster struck! The teachers were found in a horrific plane crash. Fortunately, Year 8 came across the crash site by chance and rushed to the teachers’ aid. Putting their recent first aid training into practice, the children pulled the teachers out of the wreckage and put them into recovery positions and bandaged them up.

Finally, it was a hearty lunch before heading home for baths, beds and a reassuring lack of bugs. 

The Year 8 Leavers' Ball was a fitting end to the children's time here at Bede's Prep, complete with firework display!


  Photo: Duncan Lawson Photography

Finally the children visited Blacklands Farm for an Activity Day, where they spent the day running around on zipwires and kayaking. The final trip of the term was to Urban Jump, a giant trampoline park.


A wonderful time was had by all, yet again the Leavers' programme has been a resounding success! 


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