Pre-Prep's Woodland Adventure


This week, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a fabulous trip to Abbots Wood in search for signs of the changing season as well as items to bring back to School for collage creation. 


The children found autumnal berries, colourful plants and not to mention an abundance of acorns.  Whilst exploring our surroundings, the children discussed the noises around them; the sound of an aeroplane prompted dialogue about distance and time and the various countries they have visited.


Team work was also a big part of our adventure for which the children had the chance to develop their problems solving skills in order to build a bridge over the stream.  The sticks and branches which had been found along the way proved very useful for this task.


As we continued on our journey through the trees, the children were very excited to discover the various different footprints along our path.  This led to a debate on who or what may have left them… 


However, the biggest discovery of the day had to be the scratches on a nearby tree; the children quickly came to a unanimous decision that this must have been left by the local Abbots Wood bear!  A lovely but muddy day was had by all.


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