Sport Results: Autumn Term - Week 4


Senior School 

Football versus Chigwell School 

U15A won 6-2


Football versus Brentwood School 

1sts won 2-0

2nds drew 3-3

3rds won 5-0

4ths drew 1-1

5ths won 4-2

U15As won 2-0

U15Bs lost 1-3

U14As lost 1-4

U14Bs lost 1-3


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Hockey versus Claremont Senior School

2nds won 2-0


Hockey versus Burgess Hill 

U14As won 6-0


Hockey versus Hailsham 

U15A result TBC 


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Netball versus Gildredge House 

1st VII result TBC 

U15As won 28-11

U14As won 40-5


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Squash versus Trinity School 

1sts lost

2nds lost


Squash versus Eastbourne College

1sts result TBC 


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Prep School 


Football versus St Christopher's School 

1sts lost 2-7

2nds won 2-0

3rds won 9-0

Colts U11As won 9-3 

U11Bs won 6-3

U11Cs drew 3-3 

U11Ds won 6-1

U9As lost 1-3

U9Bs lost 0-2 

U8As result TBC

U8Bs result TBC


Football versus Skippers Hill 

U9As won 3-0

U9Bs drew 2-2 


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Hockey versus Cumnor House 

U13As won 3-1

U13Bs result TBC

U13Cs lost 1-4

U13Ds result TBC

U11As lost 2-8

U11Bs lost 0-1

U11Cs result TBC 


Hockey Sevens versus Cumnor House 

1st VII won 3-1

2nd VII lost 1-4

3rd VII lost 1-4

4th VII lost 0-5 

U11s lost 2-8

U11/U10Bs result TBC 

U10s result TBC 


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Swimming versus Claremont Prep School 

A great start to the Autumn Term with Bede's drawing against Claremont. THe U10, U11, U12 and U13 girls swam exceptionally well with several of the team competing in their first Bede's swimming gala. 

Martha Surgenor got Bede's off to a flying start with a 1st in the U12 Individual Medley followed by Ellie Abel who also secured 1st place in the U13 I.M. 

The U10 team welcomed three swimmers from the year below to support the team. Ella Venables secured 1st place in the backstroke event with Chloe Bremer and Erin Murphy achieving 2nd places in the Front Crawl heats. 

The U11 team swam really well taking 1st places in all the individual events and both the relays. 

The U12 team welcomed three new swimmers to the team, they all worked well together producing great handovers in the relays as well as some impressive diving. 

The U13 team won all their events with some extremely close finishes in the relays. Overall it was a fantastic gala, well done everyone!

Claremont 145 points 

Bede's 145 points 


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