Year 8 Girls Take Part In National Cyber Security Centre Competition


In today’s world, so many of our devices are connected to the Internet that there is growing potential for them to be subjected to a cyber attack. 

In the future, the children of today will be the people protecting us from such attacks and ensuring our online world is a safe place to live and work.  

Following on from their work on computer crime and cyber security in their Computing lessons, four Year 8 girls were selected to represent Bede’s Prep School at the National Cyber Security Centre’s Girls Competition 2018.

Milly T, Florence, Kirstin and Milly G had to work, discuss and research together to solve as many challenges as they could in the areas of Logic and Coding, Cyber security, Cryptography and Networking.   The girls learnt more about how professionals tackle cyber security issues and were able to practice skills in a simulated real-world environment.  Each question was derived from skills used every day by cyber security professionals and included tasks such as code breaking, encryption and analysing computer programs for hidden messages.  The girls all received certificates from the National Cyber Security Centre in recognition of their efforts.  

A cyber security expert’s role is to try to identify weaknesses in systems and know how to fix such vulnerabilities.  It is hoped that through their work for this competition, our team of girls may just one day be part of that elite group helping to protect us all.


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