Year 7 and 8 Boys Compete in Coding Team Challenge


Last term, four of our Year 7 and 8 boys competed for the Braben Cup in the first Perse Coding Team Challenge. 

This new national competition for secondary school aged children pitted teams of four students in Years 7 to 10 against each other in a timed one hour coding challenge.


Prior to the event, Will Quibell, Flint Young, Theo Lovegrove and Orin Brattle met to discuss strategies and to develop further their existing knowledge of the Python programming language.  Key concepts they had to become familiar with included the use of variables, conditional statements and loops.  Use of a textual programming language in the way that the professionals do, requires accuracy and precise use of the syntax, with which the boys did well to master. 


Challenges that were successfully completed in the competition, by the team, included writing an encryption program and a vote-counting system.  It was a great opportunity for the Year 8 pupils to support their younger team mates and all worked hard to achieve a commendable shared result. 

Many of the techniques would not normally be introduced until Senior School but the boys acquired new levels of understanding and are all in a strong position when programming software is used in the future.


I was very impressed with how hard the team worked together and they justly deserved the ‘merit’ award that they received for their efforts.  We look forward to entering more teams as the competition grows in the future – so look out for the adverts, all you budding coders!


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