Year 4 Meet Their French Penpals


Since September, Year 4 have been writing to penpals from a class at Institution Saint Charles School in the town of Vienne, France.

Correspondance started with the children introducing themselves by sending a concertina Lego character mini book, complete with photos, names and ages, to then receive a mini book in return, from their new penpals. 


Since then, the pupils have produced a Spark video and a scrap book for our French friends with photos of and information about Bede’s Prep School. In response, we received a fantastic lap book from our penpals about their country, town and school.


Before we knew it, Christmas was here and so we took the opportunity to design cards for our friends and also spent time working on a project explaining the traditions of Christmas in England, along with illustrations and translations.


At the start of the new term, we then moved onto our next project which we incorporated with the Year 3 and 4 play “Dragon Days”.  We created a scrap book including photos and illustrations to introduce each character and we were very proud to share our achievements with our French friends.


Languages week took place just before Easter, during which Year 4 finally had the chance to meet their French Friends through a group Skype chat and practiced having a conversation in French whilst also allowing their penpals to try out their English.  It was great fun and well worth the wait.


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