Madrid Football Tour 2018


During the Easter holidays, 36 Bede’s Prep pupils set off on their 2018 football tour to Madrid, for six activity-packed days of football training, stadium visits and beach fun.


Following the success of the 2016 Barcelona football tour, plans began almost immediately for a jam-packed trip to Real Madrid. Day one of the tour started very early for the departure to Valencia and despite being sleepy-eyed, the excitement amongst the children was tangible, many of whom had been on the previous tour.  Upon arrival, the children enjoyed the first of many visits to the beach and out came the footballs, frisbees and ice cream.  Having recovered from their long journey, it was time to start preparing for their evening match against Sporting Castello; all four teams played incredibly well. 


Day two was welcomed with an easy morning on the beach, followed by a training session at Vilarreal. The highlight of the day was go-karting and never was it more competitive than when the staff eventually had their turn.  Day three started on the hotel’s very own football pitch, with a light training session and stretching with Tony Morriss, to loosen tired muscles.  The afternoon was spent playing crazy golf and with one last visit to the beach before packing to travel to Madrid city centre in the morning, for part two of the tour.


Day four saw another early start as the tour set off to their next hotel, which they shared with the Valencia U14 and Columbia U18 squads.  Once again, the children were full of excitement as they had a trip to Warner Bros theme park to look forward to as their afternoon activity.  Many took this opportunity to brave coaster rides for the first time and, needless to say, they enjoyed every moment.


Back to the main focus of the week for day five – football – and what a thrill for the children to have a training session at Valdebebas, the training centre for Real Madrid, and it was a real honour to be using the same facilities as Ronaldo, Modric and Bale.  This geared the children up for a fantastic match against Union Norte, later that day. 


For the final day of the tour, the group visited the magnificent Santiago Bernebeu Stadium, one of the greatest football cathedrals of world football, with its vast museum and trophy rooms.  From there, it was time to return back to Valdebebas for a tour of the facilities and one final training session with the coaches, before saying their final farewells to Madrid and return home with memories to last a lifetime.


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