Bede’s Prep Offers Pupils a Qualification to Fly Drones


A professional qualification in flying drones is just one of the latest exciting opportunities being offered to Bede’s Prep pupils on a Wednesday afternoon.

Prep bus driver, Roy Titherly, is a professional commercial drone pilot; he has been flying drones commercially for 15 years and has travelled all over the world. Roy has very generously offered his time and expertise to teach pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 the basic flying manoeuvres and safety aspects of flying.

“There is a big safety aspect to this, and pupils must fully understand the legal requirements as well as how to keep themselves and the general public safe,” says Roy.


The first two sessions have started in the classroom, where pupils are becoming familiar with the UK Drone Code, which assists drone users to fly safely. After that, pupils will be given the exciting opportunity to learn how to fly the drone. Roy has also offered to support pupils to gain their Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ). This is a professional qualification which is acknowledged by the Civil Aviation Authority and marks the beginning of a series of qualifications which lead to a commercial license.

As well as being able to make safe basic manoeuvres, pupils will also be taught how to video and take photographs using the drone. Elspeth Le Fort in Year 8 is especially excited about the opportunity to widen her art portfolio with aerial photographs. “Roy’s lessons are really thorough and he is making sure we know how use the drones safely,” Elspeth says. “I love photography but I’ve never done this before. I can’t wait to get started and get outside to start flying.”

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