Bede's Nursery and Pre-Prep Children Visit the School Zoo


Children from the Rainbow Fish room at Bede’s Nursery and pupils from the Pre-Prep thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Zoo at Bede’s Senior School in Upper Dicker earlier this month.


The children were fascinated to look at all the different species of animals living there (the Zoo contains 70 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and invertebrates - including African birds, Madagascan lemurs, and South American squirrel monkeys).


Each child had a turn to hold a gecko and a snake, as well as play ball with the white fluffy rabbit and watch the tortoise move slowly across the floor. The monkeys were definitely a favourite; the children loved watching them jump from tree to tree!


The trip was finished off with a quiz, which all the children participated in. They all showed that they had gained a huge amount of information from the Zoo Manager, Helen Poyser, on their trip.


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