Year 4 Pupils Take Action on Ocean Pollution


This term, Year 4 pupils at Bede’s Prep School have been learning more about the alarming issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. The children were all shocked to learn that 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the sea each year!

The pupils made striking and informative campaign posters detailing the damage plastic is causing to our wildlife. The posters also offer solutions and helpful tips to encourage us to help stop this damage, for example, Max tells us to: "Avoid plastic! Reuse plastic! Recycle plastic!"


Recently, Year 4 put their words into action and conducted a thorough beach clean along the stretch of coastline just minutes from the School building.  They were astounded by the amount of plastic recovered but extremely pleased with their efforts. One child said “I wouldn’t have believed on just three beaches that there would be so much plastic!” and that although the beach clean was good fun, “it was also a bit upsetting”. Another child warns that “if we carry on – eventually all our marine life will be wiped out!”

This year, Bede’s Prep School has pledged to lower the plastic usage across the School which the children feel is a super step in the right direction. Year 4 pupils are now composing a letter to Prime Minister, Theresa May, to push for action.




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