Make No Bones About It! Year 3 Visit the Booth Muesum


Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed a fascinating trip to the Booth Museum to build on their scientific knowledge this term. 

Who would have believed that a small Victorian building in Hove, housing the lifelong collection of stuffed and preserved animals, and animal and human skeletons and teeth, collected by the Victorian, Edward Thomas Booth, would still be intriguing and aiding in the learning of the techno-savvy children of the 21st Century. This is exactly what happened when Year 3 Bede’s pupils visited the Booth Museum as part of their Science topic, studying the skeletons of ‘Animals including Humans’.


The children took part in a workshop where they were able to examine different animal and human bones closely. Fitting together loose human bones to complete a skeleton, and discussing the jobs of the different bones; pupils consolidated their scientific knowledge from their studies in the School Science labs, whilst enjoying the ‘hands on’ learning during their fascinating visit to the Booth Museum.

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