Year 3 Live Like Romans


What better way to round off a term, that included re-enacting the Roman invasion and Roman road building on the beach, than a day of activities including a huge Roman feast.

This was the culmination of the Year 3 topic for the term, The Romans aka ‘Swords and Sandals’. The children arrived at school in their amazing costumes, which included Roman soldiers, also Roman Gods and Goddesses.


The day included learning about Roman food, a popular dish was dormouse cooked with honey and poppy seeds! As an alternative to this, Year 3 made honey with cucumber sandwiches which some loved and others gingerly tasted. There was code breaking in maths where pupils had to decipher a hidden message written in Roman numerals. In the afternoon mosaic making was on offer.


The highlight of the day was the Roman feast. On the menu was chicken cooked in a fruit sauce, goats cheese, hard boiled eggs, olives, lentils and a selection of salads. For
dessert there was a delicious egg custard and a Roman porridge. Everyone had a fun-packed day Roman style!


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