Year 5 and 6 Play: Shakespeare Rocks


It was a cold and dreary week, towards the end of November, and everything was quiet, until…Shakespeare rocked! 

The Year 5 and 6 children came together to perform Steve Titford’s modern musical comedy, ‘Shakespeare Rocks’, about the life of William Shakespeare.  This uplifting, energetic, enjoyable and tongue-in-cheek show brought the historical and educational worlds together, with many accurate facts as well as humour, thrown in for good measure.


With great excitement, the Year 6 children auditioned for their favourite parts, enabling every child in the year group to have speaking role. The Year 5 children took on roles of villagers and superstitious sorcerers, to support Year 6 in this collaborative production. 


Shakespeare Rocks included the characters of William, Anne and Burbage, with the story being told by Aubrey and Al – from the ‘Rough Shakespeare Company’ – who had purchased the Bard’s personal diary.  There were actors taking on the roles from the famous ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Macbeth’ plays.  Alongside the builders, in charge of building The Globe, there were fans, townspeople, musicians, paparazzi painters, a heckler, Queen Elizabeth and the cameo roles of the beer and apple sellers.  There were also men-dressed-as-women and a woman…dressed-as-a-man-dressed-as-a-woman!  


With a script full of humour and pun, the jokes entertained the audience!  The songs were vibrant in voice and slick in moves; the children certainly sung their hearts out.  There were too many wonderful performances from individuals to mention, but there was a great sense of camaraderie on stage amongst them all. 


As always there was a tight rehearsal framework, and I would like to thank all of the children for being so committed and reliable - without a doubt, they were true professionals. A big thank you goes to all of the staff who supported the production, in so many different ways.  However, a special thank you must go to Alex Farley, Peter Meier and Peter Barclay, for their hard work in all things musical and technical.  


To slightly adapt the finale words: 

‘We laid these wooden beams, we made this a theatre of dreams, we gave it soul and rock ‘n’roll, we got this show in the Globe’ – or should we say the Bede’s Prep Theatre!


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