MFL: Year 3 Celebrate Epiphany with Galette des Rois


Every child in France waits impatiently for Epiphany on 6 January for the delicious Galette des Rois.

It is a traditional dessert created to honour the three kings who travelled thousands of miles to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. A little figurine or 'fève' is hidden in the cake; whoever finds it will become the King or Queen for the day!


The traditional way to share the cake fairly is to select the youngest person in the room to sit under the table and randomly call out a name. Following the French tradition, Nina, our youngest Year 3 pupil called out a name in random order, until everyone had been served a slice.


Izabella and Anna picked something out of their slices – it was the 'fève' and they were duly crowned.


What an amazing start to 2019!

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