A Magical Day Out


At Bede’s, it is one of our central ambitions to create the environment and conditions under which our pupils’ talents will flourish.

Our trip to Warner Bros was clearly a magical place which provided a backdrop to the breathtaking diversity of human talent and passion; it really caught our pupils’ (and staff) imagination.


One might be mistaken for thinking that the Year 3 to 8 trip was designed to inspire those pupils who have a particular interest in the performing and visual arts.  And of course this is indeed an area of school life at Bede’s, of huge opportunity and great expertise of which we can be justly proud; take the number of Prep School pupils who go on to take leading roles in Senior School productions such as ‘Oliver!’ and the incredible Cabaret.  But the trip on Wednesday this week to the Warner Bros. Studios proved far more expansive than inspiring only our budding actors and dancers, this particular trip has proved to be a great case study in showcasing to pupils just how diverse an industry the J.K.Rowling franchise is.  From engineering, to accountancy, special and visual effects, to screen writers, editors, costume designers, caterers, teachers, artists, musicians and even actors.


For a first time visitor, the impact on entering the production and filming hangars is immense, and the tour is structured so that our pupils can go as quickly or take as much time as they wish to browse and engage with the original exhibits and the tour guides.  I was particularly pleased to be approached by one such assistant who wished to pass on how impressed the team were with the behaviour and enthusiasm of our pupils, something I am equally glad to share with you.

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