Year 6 Live Like Romans for the Day


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be part of the bustle of an Ancient Roman market or to be faced with defending Hadrian’s Wall in the cold and the wet?


Well last week our Year 6 pupils and those new to Year 7 in September did just that.

As part of their studies in Latin and Classical Civilisation they took part in a Rainbow Theatre workshop depicting the life of a Roman child in Britain. Sebastian, Tyler, Ella and Devanie acted out the part of wealthy Roman children who then got the chance to work with their friends as they took on the roles of slaves, market sellers, bath attendants, fellow school children, petitioners at the court, gladiators, theatre goers and soldiers in the army.


Scarlett was perhaps not so lucky, as she took the part of a pig who was sacrificed to the gods at the temple and Leopold and Archie had a tough time cleaning out the household heating sytem, the hypocaust. 

Henry and Ben on the other hand were able to show off their mathematical skills as two of the surveyors who laid down the course for the Roman roads.

After the workshop the children proved how much they had learnt in their written work. However, many felt that the lack of technology and having to eat snails and sugared dormice made living in Roman times rather unappealing.


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