Year 7 Investigate Coastal Erosion at Birling Gap


In the Summer Term, Year 7 children at Bede’s Prep study coasts in their Geography lessons.

The first Geography lesson of the term saw Year 7 visit Birling Gap to investigate coastal erosion and management.


Natascha Sharma, National Trust Community and Learning Ranger, delivered an interesting and thought-provoking talk for our pupils. They learnt why the cliffs at Birling Gap erode so quickly, the importance of the area in terms of tourism and wildlife and the current management strategies to protect the downland and respond the coastal erosion.

In groups, the children then engaged in a fact-finding mission in the Visitor Centre to discover more about the geology of the area the history of erosion. Following this, the children visited the beach to look for signs of weathering and cliff retreat.


The children discovered how many coastal cottages have been demolished over time, and the discovery of wave-eroded chunks of concrete and garden walls increased the appreciation that some major changes have taken place to the landscape.


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